Nidsoft Cream

Nidsoft Cream

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Nidsoft Cream is a perfect natural formula for your skin. It remove tiredness, dryness and roughness from skin. This cream reduces melanin load of skin. Its perfect combination of White soft paraffin IP  liquid Paraffin and cream base which make it a moisturizing cream for radiance and glow. Available in 60 gm pack, this Nidsoft Cream offered in 95 rs. Being a trader and exporter, we avail it from genuine vendors of the market.  

White soft paraffin IP 13.2%w/w, liquid Paraffin IP 10.2% w/w, cream base

Price : 95


  • Remove tiredness, dryness & roughness from skin.
  • Fights free radical damage.
  • Causes skin capillaries to expand thus supply radiance & glow
  • Reduces melanin load of skin
  • Helps activate hydro & oil captors.
Category : Moisturising
Tags derma, dermatology, dryness, liquid Paraffin, moisturising, Moisturizer, White soft paraffin, xerosis